alkitronic® M Series Manual Torque Multiplier: At Your Service

alkitronic® M Series Manual Torque Multiplier: At Your Service

A helicopter manufacturer needed to perform critical torque applications as part of the routine maintenance of their aircraft.

The helicopter rotors must be serviced after every 20 hours of flight, though some of the craft required this important service in remote locations where no air or power supply was readily available.

Ensuring proper torque control for the rotor assembly nut is pivotal to maintaining the safe operation of the helicopter - thus emphasising the need for an effective solution.

The alkitronic® M-Series Hand Torque Multipliers were the answer to the issue. They are the ideal tools for remote applications where air and electricity aren’t easily accessible and are specifically designed to ensure that a high torque output can be easily achieved with minimal input.

The integrated anti wind-up ratchet allows jobs to be performed easily, efficiently and safely. The shearing pin built into the drive shaft protects against input overload.

The components of the alkitronic® power gears are manufactured using a high-precision chipless process - in order to ensure the highest possible operational demands with lowest wear.

alkitronic® M-Series Torque Multipliers provide energy independent precise torque control, allowing accurate tightening and loosening of heavy-duty bolt connections in desolate locations.

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