alkitronic® M Series Manual Torque Multiplier

alkitronic® M Series Manual Torque Multiplier

alkitronic® M hand torque multiplier - for energy independent precise tightening and loosening of heavy-duty bolt connections.


  • Torques from 200 Nm up to 50,000 Nm.
  • alkitronic® M provide safe, economic and problem-free operation.
  • They replace impact wrenches, pipe extensions and other inefficient methods.


Model No.Torque Range (up to approx.) *NmTorque Range (up to approx.) *Ft/lbsSquare Drive
H10140010321/2" / 3/4"
HG10140010321/2" / 3/4"
HG30500036871 1/2"
HG40600044251 1/2"
HG50800059001 1/2"
HG601150084811 1/2"
HG8050000368782 1/2"

NOTE: Model H (without ratchet) and HG (with ratchet).

Please download the data sheet for details on the alkitronic® M Series Manual Torque Multiplier.

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