Gigasense IS Series Automatic Lifting Hook: Hooked on Safety

Gigasense IS Series Automatic Lifting Hook: Hooked on Safety

A public utilities company required a solution to aid in the lifting of submersible pumps to enable them to be serviced at their facility.

The intention was for the pumps to be lifted by mobile lifting devices but these devices could not submerse themselves in the 2-3 metre depth of water surrounding each of the 120 pumps.

Previous methods involved grounding part of the opening of a standard lifting hook to assist in catching the lifting eye of the pump. This method was unsafe due to occasions where the standard hook would only catch the eye with the tip of the hook, increasing the potential for the pump to be dropped which would result in very costly repairs.

The company knew that it was pivotal for the solution to provide the safest method of lifting possible to avoid any of the pumps being dropped.

The Gigasense Automatic Safety Hook was recommended to solve the issue the company was facing to enable the pumps to be lifted safely.

The forged hook, housing and link are made of high-grade alloy steel and the hook is completely mechanical, making it suitable for use in liquid or water. The IS Hook is available in 5 sizes from 2 to 20 tons. It is easy to operate, has a rugged design and a high reliability.

The Gigasense hook is called the Automatic Safety Hook because when loaded, it will secure the load automatically.

When the IS Hook is engaged, the load tension closes the hook opening, and the safety latch is automatically locked.

The hook remains safety locked even if it is unloaded.

It is therefore possible to safely set down the load and make sling adjustments.

To release the safety lock after completed lifting operation, the hook is lowered until the upper link has tilted approximately 60° in relation to the housing.

When the lock is released, the hook swings up into an open starting position.

The load is then released, and the hook is ready for a new lift.

The Gigasense IS Series Automatic Lifting Hook, when combined with the mobile lifting devices enabled single worker operation. This allowed the worker to remain at the controls during lifting and releasing operations. This concept saved time and increased safety for the company.

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