Durapac Split Flow Pump: Levelling Up

Durapac Split Flow Pump: Levelling Up

The supporting structural steel columns underneath a multi story building needed to be replaced due to damage and structural integrity issues. The Contractor that performed the work was not in a position to be able to purchase all of the equipment outright, so they hired the equipment.

Four fabricated support stands were located around each pillar. The cylinders were then raised using a Durapac Electric Single Phase Spilt Flow pump with two 4-way manifolds to support the load overhead.

Eight Durapac RLP-502 single acting low profile hydraulic cylinders could be raised at an equal and controlled rate to ensure even loading distribution of the structure above. Any finer adjustments could be made to each cylinder using the needle valves on the manifold. The faulty columns could then be removed and/or repaired. Once the columns had been replaced, the load could then be slowly released back onto the new support columns.

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