Portable Winch PCW-3000-Li-AIK: Tunnel Mission

Portable Winch PCW-3000-Li-AIK: Tunnel Mission

The Problem:

A Civil Infrastructure company in Sydney contacted Specialised Force as they needed to pull 3x32mm inner ducts into 100mm HD Orange conduit, which was in approximately 150m long sections and in a tunnel under a roadway.

The Solution:

  • The Portable Winch (Model No. PCW-3000-Li-AIK) was suggested to complete the task at hand as the battery has up to 70 minutes run time and the winch is able to reach pulling speeds of up to 11.6m/min.

The winch is perfect for both indoor and outdoor operations and facilitates works of all kinds. Using a battery winch meant their air quality was preserved as no emissions were released into the environment.

The batteries have a low self-discharge rate when not being used (1.25% to 5% per month), are recyclable and are compatible with the VICTA 82V range of battery-powered tools!

The Result:

The company performed 3 cable pulls successfully and the battery still had residual charge. They were very impressed with the recommendation from Specialised Force and look forward to using the battery winch for many other applications going forwards.

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