Izumi Remote Crimp Head: 2 Ports are Quicker than 1

Izumi Remote Crimp Head: 2 Ports are Quicker than 1

The Problem:

A customer contacted us about a multi-port crimping die they needed to use to crimp thousands of stainless steel wire lanyards they secured a contract for. Two ports were required: one port for the lug crimp; and the other for a protective crimped sleeve cover. The customer wanted a complete package solution with a pump, foot switch, hose, crimp head, and crimping die. The quality and reliability of equipment was critical as the equipment was to be used in a remote location.

The Solution:

When discussed with our die engineer he explained the dangers of having a multi-port die using round dies, so that meant that 6 and 12-tonne tools were out of the equation, even though 6 tonne was ample enough force for the small diameter sleeve. Having two crimp ports as opposed to the standard singular central port (hex die crimpers for copper lugs and aluminium sleeves) meant that side loading of a round die was almost a certainty. This would result in damage to the crimp head. With 6 & 12-tonne tools ruled out as a solution, our engineer advised on utilising the Izumi 30 tonne crimp head # EP-520C. This crimp head uses flat rectangular dies. With these rectangular flat dies no damage to the crimp head would occur when only a single port was used.

This multi-port configuration on rectangular dies has been in use for many years for similar applications. All our dies are manufactured in Australia from high tensile steel billets and heat-treated to maximise strength and durability.

With the die sorted a Daia # DSP-120 700Bar Japanese manufactured hydraulic pump was supplied with foot-switch (for safe seated factory operation), as well as 3m hydraulic hose.