alkitronic® EFCip Series Electric Torque Wrench: Crank the Volume

alkitronic® EFCip Series Electric Torque Wrench: Crank the Volume

The Problem:

A rail freight company required a torque solution to speed up the process of raising and lowering rail car decks at their locomotive manufacturing facility. Three different types of rail cars were being used at this rail yard. Two types used a manual crank to raise and lower the decks, whereas the other used a gravity weight system. The manual crank method required an operator to climb into the rail car and turn two cranks 40-50 times each in order to lower and raise the car. The estimated prevailing torque for the crank handle was a minimum of 200Nm. The rail yard operators were able to quickly prepare between two and four rail cars but this process diminished their strength and increased fatigue which consequently slowed down any further processes. This procedure posed the increased risk of work-related injuries and accidents, with fluctuating temperatures also a factor – hence the need for a solution.

The Solution:

An alkitronic EFCip 20 was proposed to eliminate the prospective risks associated with the manual handling methods. The EFCip fits perfectly into situations where high torques, fast operating speeds, and precision are required with high numbers of joints to be processed. Operation of the EFCip Series is possible whatever the weather thanks to protection class IP54. Simple one-finger operation and a 360° rotating handle ensure a quick yet comfortable operation as the reaction forces do not get transferred to the operator. The in-built smart processor allows for consistent and precise reproduction of pre-selected torques. Switch-off electronics also feature to ensure precise and safe operation. The continuous rotation of the square drive provides better joint quality when compared to ratchet torque tools. They are high-end quality bolting solutions that are easy to handle - for demanding applications in a torque range from 60 to 6,500Nm (44-4,800lb/ft). The low-wear, brushless, synchronous motor promotes excellent efficiency and low running costs.

In this particular application, a custom adapter was manufactured specially to fit over the main coil of the hand crank. The adapter was placed onto the EFCip 20 Torque Multiplier with a custom reaction device. Introducing this torque multiplier into the company’s daily processes enabled a faster turnaround time and reduced the strain on the operators – providing a safer work environment.

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