Durapac RPLC Series Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinders: Bearing Under the Bridge

Durapac RPLC Series Low Profile Hydraulic Cylinders: Bearing Under the Bridge

At the abutment end of a road bridge, three bearings had to be replaced which supported three Super ‘T’ girders along the full width of the bridge. The Contractor that performed the work was not in a position to be able to purchase all of the equipment outright, so they hired the equipment.

Three Durapac RPLC-2502 hydraulic low profile/pancake locknut cylinders were used. These cylinders are 250 ton in capacity, have a 45mm stroke and a have a collapsed height of 159mm. The RPLC-2502 were positioned so they could jack the super T girders up and then lock the jacks off. They then were able to remove and replace the old and damaged load bearings. This was all done without adding in extra propping while they worked underneath the supported load with the RPLC series cylinders. The integral load holding valves ensured no leak back to a hold position for extended periods.

The RPLC-2502 cylinders were operated from the Durapac Split Flow pump to enable controlled and equal speed jacking of the Super T spans into position from a central point, so the bearings could be installed. Using the Durapac split flow pump, the movement differential across the bridge girders was kept below the required 1mm during the lift and lowering of the bridge, as specified by the independent Bridge Engineer.

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