Greenlee Cable Pusher/Feeder: Cable Friction, Now Fiction

Greenlee Cable Pusher/Feeder: Cable Friction, Now Fiction

This industrial electrical contractor needed to install multiple power and data cables into several switchboards across long distances with several sharp angle bends.

The customer was a long time Greenlee products user and already had an electric cable puller (UT-10-22 series, model no. 00812). Expecting a significant amount of friction of the cables inside the metal conduit, the customer knew he could not pull the cable in smaller distances due to the high position of the conduit to the roof inside the building complex. The customer already had Greenlee cable gel pulling lubricant (WGEL-5 series, bucket 18.0L, model 35213) which he intended to use, but he thought this would still not be enough to ensure that none of the cables were overstressed during the pull. He wanted to get the job done right, first time.

The solution was to use the Greenlee ultra cable pusher/feeder (6810-22 series, model no. 12293) at the feeding end. The feeder reduced the amount of friction, as well as the amount of people required to assist feeding the multiple cables.

On the cable entry end, the feeder has bar separators to ensure the cables do not become tangled. Cable reels or stands can be set up at 25° angles or direct (in-line). Dual motors drive the top and bottom feeding wheels which feature adjustable speed to match speed of the cable puller. Cables up to 90mm OD can be pushed or fed with the machine which can be operated by hand control (included) or optional foot control (24821).

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