Tangye Hydralite Jacks: Jet, Set, Go

Tangye Hydralite Jacks: Jet, Set, Go

The defence force and air force require equipment that can sustain long periods of storage and then be expected to perform exactly as required. This is why many military and air forces around the world elect to use the Tangye range of specialised jacking equipment. Tangye has a range of jacks that are compact, powerful and lightweight.

In this application, a 20 Tonne 152mm Stroke Screwed Hydralite Jack was used to elevate an F16 Fighter Jet to enable maintenance to be undertaken on the landing gear. With a weight of only 10.9kg (24 lbs) and dimensions of 121mm x 178mm x 289mm (L x W x Closed H), the compact Hydralite Jack had the ability to be positioned perfectly under where the lifting was required. The wider range is used in service critical environments such as the defence force/military and aircraft workshops.

Hydralite Jacks are also available in other configurations and sizes with load capacities of 20, 30, 60 and 100 tonnes. Tangye has been a trusted manufacturer for over 160 years and produces products capable of withstanding the toughest environments whilst never compromising on performance or quality.

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