Boltshield Protection Caps: Protect and Conserve

Boltshield Protection Caps: Protect and Conserve

An oil and gas industry contractor required Boltshield to help them solve a problem surrounding their HP Heat Exchanger. The heat exchanger was in an environment which experienced sandblasting and painting as well as being exposed to the elements during sea-freight shipping.

The bolts on the heat exchanger were larger than ordinary, so caps that were able to protect bolts up to 6” in diameter were used. These particular caps, due to their size, were made up of two parts - the nut cover, stud cover and a rubber gasket in the middle.

The caps proved to be an effective solution so much so that the company elected to leave the caps in place while operating the heat exchanger. Heavy duty equipment needs heavy duty protection and that’s exactly what Boltshield Protection Caps provided.

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