Balmoral Equipotential Mat

Balmoral Equipotential Mat

Designed to assist in de-energised or non-live work practices by eliminating step and touch potential voltages.

  • It does this by establishing an equal voltage potential between personnel using the Mat and the clamped object.

The Equipotential Mat comes as a kit in a bag, is light weight and portable, designed to be installed for temporary applications, including the operation of switch gear or plant and equipment.

  • 770mm x 770mm mat size (custom sizes available)
  • 35mm2 Weldflex cable with heavy duty insulation
  • 400 Amp welding clamp – heavy duty spring with copper contacts (lower or higher current clamps available)
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • All stainless steel and brass hardware to prevent corrosion
  • Bound edges
  • Cable affixed to mat to prevent fatigue
  • Joints and lugs covered with mastic-lined heat shrink to prevent fraying
  • Comes as a kit with protective carry bag


Model No. 181EP-1
Description Equipotential Mat 770x770mm C/W Bag