Maus F/120 Fixed-Depth Universal Grooving Tool

Maus F/120 Fixed-Depth Universal Grooving Tool (Made in Italy)

Universal grooving tool with fixed B depth and hydraulic power expansion for holes up to 120 mm (4.724”).

  • F/120 universal equipment with hydraulic power expansion for executing at the same time one or more grooves in tube sheet holes ranging between 15 and 120 mm (0.591” to 4.724”), Seeger ring seats, OR rings, drains, etc.
  • Entirely made of special NiCr steel, cemented, tempered and hardened.
  • Equipped with a Morse taper no.4, it can be installed on radial drills, parallel lathes (on the mandrel or on the tailstock), boring machines, milling cutters, operating machines in general.
  • F/120 is particularly suitable for executing tasks on boiler tubes for diameters up to 120 mm (4.724”).
  • It is supplied with a self-centering ring, a tool holder and tools tailor made by the Maus Italia technical staff.