Joyce Dayton Jacks: Levelling Off

Joyce Dayton Jacks: Levelling Off

The Problem:

During the construction process and throughout the life of of log homes, builders are often faced with unique challenges. One of the challenges is finding the right jacks to use for levelling. The heavy support columns generally require unsightly screw/nut arrangements that are typically exposed to the elements. The builder can only level in a downward direction with a large wrench and a significant amount of manpower is required to make the adjustments. Log homes present a challenge due to their heavy support columns which need to be levelled every several years due to shrinkage and foundation setting.

The Solution:

Joyce Dayton proposed a solution to this challenge as they developed compact Worm Gear Machine Screw Jacks which are to be set within each of the support columns. These jacks are designed with lifetime lubrication and as a result, neatly fit into the support columns away from the elements and out of sight. The support columns have holes drilled into one side for quick access to the jack adjustment mechanism and can be plugged once levelling is completed. The jacks are supplied with a custom hex input shaft for attaching a power drill. Due to the high worm gear reduction ratio, the builder now has a unique and simple adjustment method for levelling the columns in both the up and down direction.