PIAB Dynamometers: Use the Forks

PIAB Dynamometers: Use the Forks

With ever increasing train speeds, the need to know that the designed catenary tension values are correct becomes even more important. Incorrect tensions can result in damage to the power pickup arrangement, the transmission lines and the support cables. The users require a lightweight force measurement device which will be compatible with their existing line pulling appliance.

PIAB have adapted their smallest dynamometer to provide fork (clevis) ends in place of the standard eye brackets. These are designed to connect to the existing line pulling device eyes. Using standard dynamometer body sizes, the following capacities available are: 0-250 Kg, 0-500 Kg, and 0-1000 Kg.

To lessen the effects of impact damage which can occur if the dynamometer is dropped from a height, a “bellows” membrane can be provided.

The use of PIAB Dynamometer in the construction of catenary systems has resulted in easier and quicker installation, with more accurate tension measurements as well as a longer service life for the conductors and associated equipment.

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