Portable Winch PCW-5000HS: Full Speed Ahead

Portable Winch PCW-5000HS: Full Speed Ahead

A Tower Crane company contacted Specialised Force as they had a manual handling issue regarding the pulling of hoist ropes. They were seeking a solution to help save time and reduce the number of injuries after a recurrence of strain injuries amongst their personnel. The PCW-5000HS was the optimal, timely solution – providing a fast, safe and effective method to pull the hoist rope out on a 400T Mobile Crane.

The winch was also used to pull the bridal out on the luffing fly, as well as pulling the hoist rope down along the top of the fly, once the fly jib was in place. The main hook was then attached and the crane was able to commence lifting.

Weighing only 16kg, this Portable Winch is easily carried and can be anchored to anything using the 2m long sling provided or the different anchoring accessories. Once the winch is anchored, you need only to wrap the rope around the drum and pull. With the 85mm capstan drum, the load will move at speeds of up to 36m/minute, depending on the weight of the load.

When what you need is pulling speed over power, the PCW5000-HS is the right winch for you.

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