Hilman Motorised Load Rollers/Skates: Put to the Test

Hilman Motorised Load Rollers/Skates: Put to the Test

A laboratory required a permanent installation of a structure which weighed 326 Tonnes. The lab however wanted to simulate the actual maximum load weight once installed before permanently installing it to ensure that the area could withstand the weight.

The test was conducted by mounting six 90 Tonne (100-ton) capacity Hilman Motorised Rollers to a cart loaded with 326 Tonnes of concrete block in order to simulate the required maximum load once installed. The concrete for this simulation needed to be transported 48.7 metres to and from the site (a total of 97.4m) at safe low speeds of up to 30cm/min.

In addition to the supply of the powered load rollers or load skates, Hilman also provided over 182m of precision machined steel track with guidance components to carry out the test and project. The Hilman Motorised Roller System was perfect for this test as the overall height of the rollers and track could not exceed 508mm and the overall height of the system was designed to be less than 406mm.

The system was tested for one cycle and the test was a success - allowing the laboratory to proceed with their installation of the large structure. Hilman have successfully tested extensive motorised load roller and load skate systems with extensive cycle rates and varying load capacities.

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