Durapac Torque Wrenches: Out at Site, Out at Mine

Durapac Torque Wrenches: Out at Site, Out at Mine

The Problem:

A solution was needed at a mine site regarding the bolting application on the primary Jaw Crusher. A new approach was needed following an injury on the site as a result of the use of a large and heavy pneumatic rattle gun. 

The Solution:

A Specialised Force representative was sent immediately to inspect the application as the time-frame to provide a solution was 1 week. 

  • The Durapac LPC Series Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench coupled with an extra-long extension reaction arm was found to be the ideal solution for this particular job.

 All items provided were: Durapac Hydraulic Torque Wrench LPC8-90 (Bolt Diameter: 60mm and A/F Size: 90mm) and Durapac Extension Reaction Arm LPC8RA21. The SF representative returned to the site 5 days later with all of the necessary equipment. The team that was on site was shown how to use the equipment and within 5 hours and the clients were comfortable with the dos and don’ts specific of the product. 

The Result:

SF was able to provide an effective solution to the issue in a short space of time. The Specialised Force Technical Representative was able to provide knowledge about the products and was able to deliver hands-on experience.