Durapac SyncMaster: Neat Lifting Package

Durapac SyncMaster: Neat Lifting Package

Durapac’s Synchronous Lift System (SyncMaster) with its computer controlled monitoring system and four RSLC-4006T (400 ton capacity load return locking cylinders) were specially packaged up for a customer performing maintenance on stacker-reclaimers.

The RSLC-4006T cylinders feature threaded locking collars which enable loads to be held mechanically and therefore offering additional safety whilst the stacker – reclaimer is in the “raised” position. The system was tailored with features to suit the specific requirements of the work scope.

To further enhance this package, a customised cylinder rack and storage container fitted with solar powered ventilation was also supplied which ensured the system can be stored in a clean dust free environment. This allowed the container to be moved from site to site as a complete “package”.

A comprehensive training package was delivered by Specialised Force and Durapac representatives for the contacts that would be operating it.