alkitronic® EFCip “Plus” Series Electric Torque Wrench: Engine Room Torque

alkitronic® EFCip “Plus” Series Electric Torque Wrench: Engine Room Torque

A diesel engine maintenance company required a solution as an alternative to their current methods of servicing the bolting connections on each of their engines. Torque wrenches had previously been used which required a timely, physically draining method that delivered inconsistent results. The minimal amount of space given for this application provided even more challenges for the workers as a standard reaction arm could not be used, making it impossible to ensure the correct support to guarantee the safe and reliable torque value. The tightening of the bolts on the cylinder heads is a significant bolting process during maintenance of diesel engines; hence the need for an efficient and cost-effective solution to the problem that the company were faced with.

The EFCip 10 and EFCip 30 (“Plus” versions) were presented to the company as a safe and accurate solution to combat the difficulties they had been facing. A special sliding support was manufactured to suit this particular application, which enabled the company to deal with the varying bolt spacing and lack of installation space. The support provided an accurate, safe and sustainable absorption of torque.

The continual rotation of the square drive, repeat accuracy of ±3 %, as well as the ease of use and handling of the EFCip “Plus” Series provided the perfect answer to the diesel engine company's issues. As a result, this reduced the time and effort required, provided high joint quality and enabled the tasks to repeatedly be completed accurately.

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