Dillon Quick Check Tension Meter: Keeping Zip-Lines In Check

Dillon Quick Check Tension Meter: Keeping Zip-Lines In Check

A popular eco-adventure company needed a more effective solution to check the tension on each of their zip-lines on a regular basis.

Each section of the adventure courses consisted of two platforms interconnected via steel cables (zip-lines).

Each branch’s zip-line system was designed and certified by a qualified engineer, with maintenance and measurement of the tension of the zip-line cables carried out at regular intervals. Having the incorrect tension would result in adventure goers getting stuck.

The Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter was the perfect solution to enable the adventure company to complete the task regularly in a timely, precise fashion. The Quick-Check Tension Meter can store up to 20 pre-calibrated wire sizes and types which eliminates the need to carry around paperwork and promotes a speedy, yet effective process.

It can be placed on the zip-line cable, measure its tension, and be removed in under five seconds. The portable, easy to use product guarantees high accuracy and safety.

The Quick-Check accommodates a wide range of wire sizes and styles and saves the user time with both built-in averaging and a check-tensioning mode. It uses standard AA batteries which enables over 250 hours of continuous use at 10 Hz and over 100 continuous hours at 100 Hz.

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