Boltshield Protection Caps: Shielding - Under Pressure

Boltshield Protection Caps: Shielding - Under Pressure

A crude oil refinery required a solution to protect the nuts and bolts on a High Pressure Ethylene Reactor which was exposed to the elements on a day-to-day basis. The high pressure hoses used with the reactor can and often do reach very high temperatures due to the high pressure of the ethylene travelling in these pipes.

Due to this high temperature and being exposed to the elements, the refinery were seeking a solution to prevent rust and corrosion of the nuts and bolts on the reactor.

Boltshield provided the solution by installing TD M48 aluminium caps onto the nuts and bolts. This eliminated potential environmental factors that could have damaged the equipment, as well as providing a heat barrier with the caps ability to withstand temperatures of up to 550°C. The customer was shocked by how simple the process was and they were more than satisfied with the effectiveness of the Boltshield Protection Caps.

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