Tangye Military Bridging Jacks: Building Bridges on the Battlefield

Tangye Military Bridging Jacks: Building Bridges on the Battlefield

The Tangye range of Military Bridging Jacks is used extensively during army or defence force operations in relation to emergency bridge erection. The medium girder bridges, sometimes referred to as a “Bailey” bridges, are portable, pre-fabricated, truss style bridges comprising of interchangeable lightweight components which allows for easy transportation by vehicles and assembly by soldiers.

These bridges are used in instances where a crossing is required to transport defence or public personnel and/or vehicles over bodies of water, gorges or difficult terrain.

In this application the Tangye jacks are used in levelling the ramps to the main bridge section to ensure that the clearance for the vehicles and/or foot traffic is correct by elevating or lowering the bridge to the required gradient. They also assist in the removal of the rollers/slider bearings by elevating the platform for easy removal. The bridge is lowered onto stable bearings similar to that of a permanent bridge structure.

Tangye Military Bridging Jacks come in 15 and 20 tonne capacity and are used in the military and/or service critical environments due to their corrosion resistant, lightweight design for longer life and reliability. Tangye have been a trusted manufacturer for over 160 years and produce products capable of withstanding the toughest environments whilst never compromising on performance or quality.

These jacks are used by NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) which is an intergovernmental military alliance that of which 28 independent member countries from across North America and Europe. Their NATO Stock Numbers are below:

  • ZHF200 (20T Jack) = NATO Stock Number (NSN) 5120-99-930-2008
  • ZHF201 (15T Jack) = NATO Stock Number (NSN) 5420-99-931-8701

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