Portable Winch PCW-3000 Petrol Capstan Winch: Net Result

Portable Winch PCW-3000 Petrol Capstan Winch: Net Result

The Problem:

With the local salmon industry continuing to grow and the number of pens increasing, it was time for this customer to come up with an easier solution to pull nets from the fish pens situated offshore.

The current method was using a manual winch pulling roughly 350kg which was slow, labour intensive and raised the risk of personal injury.

The Solution:

Needing something portable, durable and able to run off its own power source, the petrol powered PCW-3000 winch from “Portable Winch” ticked all the boxes. The customer was able to easily transfer the light weight portable winch from pen to pen and utilise its continuous duty cycle to haul nets all day long.

The PCW-3000 petrol powered portable winch was primarily designed for hunting but can be used to pull cables, logs, vehicles or just about any piece equipment with its pulling range. Don’t forget there are a range of specialised accessories for each winch including pulleys which can increase the pulling power by a factor of two, three, four and more.

The “Portable Winch” model PCH-1000 petrol lifting and hauling winch would also have been suitable for this application, as the rope lock allows you to stop your lift. As this unit is larger the customer wanted the PCW-3000 which is just under half the weight.

With numerous petrol and electric models available for both lifting and pulling applications; “Portable Winch” has the solution to fulfil your winching requirements.

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