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Hi-Tool NGK Wire Grips

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Manufacturer: HiTool - NGK (see all HiTool - NGK Products)
Product type: Cable Grip

Hi-Tool NGK Wire Grips

  • All models are fitted with swing down safety latch, with most models including a patented one handed trigger grip as standard.
  • Convenient sized and special shaped pulling eyes to suit all brands of strap hoists.
  • All gripping jaws are produced with new technology to increase jaw life.
  • Grips are designed to be more cost effective by being able to be used over a wider range of cable diameters
  • 40, 50 & 60kN grip models feature a twist grip design which prevents cable damage (Refer page F6)

Wire Grip Quick Selection Guide

  • A large range of HI-TOOL NGK grips provided by Specialised Force have the patented one handed trigger grip and all contain safety latches.
  • Every grip is proof tested before shipment to ensure quality and etched with a serial number and date of manufacture.

Grip Selection

  1. Determine the type of wire or conductor the Grip is to be used on, for example: bare Cu; Al; ACSR , Guy Wire, Covered Conductor, ABC, Steel Rod or Barbed wire.
  2. Check the actual (OD) Outside Diameter of wire or conductor the Grip is to be used on.
  3. What is the maximum working load limit (WLL) required.


  • Always follow manufacturer’s safety instructions, especially with regards to regular inspection and maintenance.
  • Grip jaws must be cleaned regularly with a wire brush to avoid slippage and contamination build up.

Please download the data sheet for details on the Hi-Tool NGK Wire Grips.


  • Made in Japan

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