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Kennards Hire celebrated its 75th anniversary

A long-lasting friendship between two industry leaders

9 May 2023

On 3rd May 2023, Kennards Hire celebrated its 75th anniversary as one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading hire equipment firms. The family-owned and operated company was founded by Walter ‘Wally’ Kennard in Bathurst in 1948, and has since grown to have more than 1,800 employees and almost 200 branches across the two countries.

Among the guests invited to the celebratory event was Max Aldrich, the founder and director of Specialised Force, a major supplier of Kennards Hire for the last 31 years. Specialised Force is a leading provider of hydraulic, electrical and mechanical tools and equipment for various industries.

Max Aldrich and Andy Kennard, the son of Walter Kennard, have a long history of friendship and business partnership that dates back to 1965, when they first met at Scruttons, an industrial supply company based in Gardeners Road Mascot. Max was working there when he was only 16 years old. Andy was a customer who came to buy some tools for his father’s business.

In 1982, Max founded Specialised Force with the vision of providing high-quality and innovative “complete solutions” for various industries. Andys company became one of his first customers and later one of his largest and loyal clients as Kennards Hire expanded its operations.

Specialised Force has been supplying Kennards Hire with the highest quality tools and equipment for over three decades.

Max also praised Kennards Hire for being a leader in the hire equipment industry and a trusted partner for Specialised Force. “Kennards Hire is an amazing company that has been serving its customers with excellence for 75 years. They have a strong family culture and a commitment to quality and innovation. We are proud to be associated with them,” Max said.

The two industry leaders celebrated their friendship and business partnership at the 75th anniversary event held inside The Kennards Equipment Museum in St Leonards, where they exchanged stories and memories of their long journey together.

The first picture above shows Andy and his wife cutting the 75th anniversary cake.

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