Aldon Burlington Style Freight Rerailers

Aldon “Burlington” Style Freight Rerailers

Double-ended “Burlington” style rerailers are locked to the rails by clamps and wedges and will not slip or kick out during rerailing.

  • One “Inside” and one “Outside” make a pair.
  • Rerailers are reversed in direction and exchanged in position to suit different derailed wheel situations.
  • For use with standard size cars.
  • Used in pairs but sold separately: one inside rerailer and one outside rerailer.


Model No. 4118-01 4018-04
Rail Size 70-90 lbs.(32 - 41kg) 100-140 lbs. (46 - 63kg)
Weight Inside Wt. 100 lbs. (45.45kg)
Outside Wt. 100 lbs. (45.45kg)
Inside Wt. 169 lbs. (76.8kg)
Outside Wt. 169 lbs. (76.8kg)

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