Izumi PG-610B Force Test Gauge

Izumi PG-610B Force Test Gauge

The PG-610B Force Test Gauge can Measure Output Force up to 15T.

  • Used to Calibrate Output Force of 12 and 15T Tools.
  • Designed to Fit in all Brand 12T Tools and Supplied with U-Type Test Dies.
  • When Testing the 15 Tonne Tool (EP- 610HS2), the U-Die Adapter is Necessary.
  • The PG-610B comes Complete with U-Type Test Dies and Steel Carrying Case.
  • Applicable to Check Output Force of Most 12 and 15 Tonne Hydraulic Hand, Battery and Remote Head Tools that use Standard 12 Tonne Dies.


Model No. PG-610B
Specifications Dial face up to 176 kN
Size (mm) 250 (L) x 105 (W) x 25 (D)
Weight (kg) 1.5
Kit Inclusions Steel carrying case & Test dies (Blank dies for EP-410)


  • Output force adjustment of tools requires a calibrated force test gauge and appropriate tools to adjust the relief valve.
  • Improper adjustment may result in too high or too low of inner pressure.
  • Higher pressure may cause damage to the tool or seals.
  • Lower pressure results in insufficient tool output causing improper connection of compressed connectors.

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