Trak Star “Slick-Stick™” Cutting Lubricant

Trak Star "Slick-Stick™" Cutting Lubricant

Slick-Stik™ is softer than other stick lubricants for easy application, superior adhesion to the tool, assuring thorough coverage.

  • Specially formulated for use with RotaLoc Plus™ Cutters.
  • MSDS information is available.
  • Made in USA.
Model NumberDescriptionQuantity
1174647g (1.68oz) SLICK-STIK LUBRICANT - Each1
11746-1247g (1.68oz) SLICK-STIK LUBRICANT - Box of 121 Box (12)
11746-2447g (1.68oz) SLICK-STIK LUBRICANT - Box of 241 Box (24)