Tame Model 60-20-Combo-230 Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Tame Model 60-20-Combo-230 Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Model 60/20 Combination Crab Nut/Main Bearing For Loosening, Tightening, and Torqueing Crab Nuts and Main Bearings on EMD Engines.

The Model 60/20 is an economical and space-saving way to torque main bearings and crab nuts.

  • This unit utilizes one hydraulic power unit for use with either of the two wrench heads.
  • The quick disconnects on both the hydraulic and electrical systems make a quick changeover between wrench heads quick and easy.
  • Three selectable pressure settings set at 1.22, 2.44 & 3.25kN for the crab nut wrench and when interchanged with the main bearing wrench, the ratio difference self adjusts so that the torque is 0.47 & 1.01kN.
  • These pressure control switches are completely adjustable to meet your requirements.
  • The entire unit is mounted on a 2-wheel pneumatic tired cart, allowing the whole unit to be easily moved from unit to unit.

Complete Unit Consists of:

Model 2000 Main Bearing Wrench Head with:

  • 7.6m Hydraulic and Electrical Supply Lines with Quick Disconnects
  • 3 Sockets
  • Crankcase Safety Saddle
  • Air Ratchet, 7.6m Air Line and 3/8" Drive Socket

Model 60 Crab Nut Wrench Head with:

  • 7.6m Hydraulic and Electric Supply Lines with Pendant Control
  • 2 Socket Torque Fixtures

Electrically Driven 0.84kW (1 1/8 HP), 700Bar (10,000 PSI) Hydraulic Power Unit with:

  • 18.9L Reservoir
  • Electrical and Hydraulic Quick Disconnects
  • 3 Selectable Torque Settings
  • Pressure Gauge, Pressure Regulator, and Factory Sealed Pressure Relief Valve
  • Mobile Storage Cart


Model No. Hydraulic (Bar) Electric (VAC) Cable Length (m) Motor (kW)
60-20-COMBO-230 700 230/50 7.6 0.84

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