Maus MA-2501 Single or Double Axis CNC Working Centre

Maus MA-2501 Single or Double Axis CNC Working Centre

Single or double axis cnc working centre with movable machine for rolling, facing, grooving and TIG Orbital welding of the tube bundle tubes.

  • Cnc working centre with single or double axis movable machine for expansion, TIG orbitalwelding, and facing of the tube bundle tubes and for the grooving of medium-large diameter tube sheet holes.
  • The MA-2501 is the most innovative and effective solution ever proposed by Maus Italia as for automating the process cycles of assembling of the tube bundle exchangers with the following main features:
    • Tube sheet diameter: 2500 mm (100”)
    • Tube sheet max thickness: 700 mm (27.5”)
    • Tube diameter: 9.5 ÷ 51 mm (3/8”÷ 2”)

NOTE: The specified diameter of the tube sheet refers to the single positioning. Processing on greater diameters is possible with fast and simple multiple positioning.

Main Component

  • Centring tracer point
  • Optional self-learning laser centring system which is able to work both in synchrony with the CNC and autonomously.
  • 3 Axis
  • X axis - Column support trolley for horizontal positioning
  • Y axis - Vertical run trolley and Z axis support with the operating axis
  • Z axis - Transverse run trolley tubesheet approach

Mobile Machine Base

  • Thanks to the mobile machine base servo hydraulic movements, a fast and precise alignment to the tube sheet is guaranteed. In fact this operation takes just a few minutesand it does not require any other special devices.

Tool Holder Head

  • Tool holder head to be tooled up with semi-automatic tool change for rolling, facing and grooving (optional)

Ergonomic Console and Remote Control

  • Hinged to the protection structure, the console enables to control the whole working area especially during the setting stages.

  • As a further complement, a remote control allows to perform the main manual movement and it enables the operator to verify the alignment on the machine in total safety.

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • Integrated in the hydraulic machine base, the power unit operates the hydraulic actuators in order to perform the auxiliary handlings on board.

Sinumerik 840 D

  • The MA-2501 cnc group adopts the “Totally Integrated Automation” SIEMENS® solution that implies a uniform system of products in which every component is designed to work in synergy with the others.

Alarm Signalling Lamp

Immediate signalling of the machine status.

  • Green light: automatic cycle in progress
  • Red light: alarm status
  • Light off: machine in standby

Safety Systems

  • A fixed safety structure bounds the machine preventing the access to the axes operating areas.
  • This system is integrated with a set of fixed as well as mobile safety photo electric barriers.
  • The sliding cover with electromechanical interlock completes the protection of the mandrel rotation area.

USB Communication Port

  • For a fast and reliable exchange of information between machine and office.

Tool Lubrication

  • An internal tool lubrication automatic system, equipped with a properly set minimum level control, automatically manages the appropriate lubrication of the mandrel.

Guide Lubrication

  • Grease lubrication gearcase for recirculating ball screws activated according to the number of meters covered by each machine axis.
  • The linear guides are equipped with a device directly applied to the runners which enables more than 10000 km (approx 6200 mi) covered without any maintenance intervention.

Climate-Controlled Electric Cabinet

  • A double air-conditioner controls and automatically manages the temperature in order to protect the electronic equipment on the machine.


  • Perfect visibility of the working area thanks to the low voltage spot halogen lamp located directly over the working area.

Third Optional Axis: TIG Orbital Welding

  • The option of the third TIG orbital welding axis completes the working centre.
  • By a single machine positioning and a single "part program", the operator is able to perform rolling and milling operations as well as to weld the tubes to the tube sheet.

Welding Torch Lock

  • The CNC positioning of the welding head combined to the FOCS-3 feeler control and correction guarantees the proper centring of the welding orbit to the tube, leading to quality and uniformity of the welded joint.

Total Integration

  • The excellent result achieved is due to the perfect combination and integration of all the components of the system which have been designed, manufactured, and tested to work in an automation environment.

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