Riken RS-Series Hydraulic Rod Straighteners

Riken RS Series Hydraulic Rod Straighteners

The Riken RS-4-SW (4 tonne) and RS-10-SW (10 tonne) hydraulic rod straighteners (or benders) are used for bending or straightening various types of coiled rod, wire, bar and reinforcing bar.

  • These units are commonly paired with Riken SMP 30/40 series electric pumps for maximum portability and long service life but can be used with any 700 bar hydraulic pump.
  • The “SW” in the part number means units are supplied with a push button switch to operate a solenoid valve or electric motor on/off (dump valve type pump).
  • Optionally a “HV” series is also available with handy 3 way valve, hydraulic hand control are available to order (RS-4-HV and RS-10-HV).


  • SF can supply a complete or custom bending/straightening solution to suit your application.
  • Please contact SF for more details.