Omac C35 Portable Stringing Earth

Omac C35 Portable Stringing Earth

Grounding device to be used while stringing overhead conductors or pulling ropes. 

  • Aluminium alloy sheaves with bushes grant a good sliding and electric continuity even on junction points.
  • Contrast spring for a safe and continuous contact on conductors with junction clamp.

Supplied with:

  • Copper cable section 50 mm² lined with high-insulating protection, length 6 m.
  • Brass clamp, clamping capacity 0 - 40 mm.
  • Metallic box for storage (mod. C35.2 and C35.1).
  • Plastic box for storage.


  1. Steel-wheels fit for anti-twisting steel rope (only for C35.2).


Model No.Short Circuit CurrentFit for Conductor Ø (mm)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
C35.110kA/0.4sec3-40500 x 420 x 180 x 8517.0
C35.210kA/0.4sec10-60430 x 370 x 150 x 656.5

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