Rapidcut-16 Pneumatic Rebar and Mesh Cutter

Rapidcut-16 Pneumatic Rebar, Mesh & Pre-stressing Wire Cutter

Rapidcut pneumatic cutters are lightweight and easy to handle. 

  • They require minimal maintenance, reducing down time and making them a very cost-effective tool in demanding applications.

Rapidcut 16 Series Cutters are fitted with 1660J cutter heads, which suits rebar and mesh to 686 Mpa (70kg/mm2) yield strength.

  • Typical rebar and mesh sold in Australia is rated at 500Mpa.
  • 1680R cutter heads are available for 15.2mm OD (0.6") High Tensile Stressing Wire (Prestressing Strand) from stock to fit existing cutters.


Total Weight18.0 Kg.
Dimensions1164 mm long x 264mm high
Cutting RangeMaximum 16mm Ø in steel up to 70 Kg./mm2
Maximum 15.5mm Ø in steel up to 180 Kg./mm2
Cutting Velocity10 cuts per minute
Air Pressure Required90 - 120 PSI (6—8.5 Bar)
Air ConsumptionApprox: 48 litres/cut at 7 Bar

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