Aldon CS-2 Self-Tightening Type Car Stops

Aldon CS-2 Self-Tightening Type Car Stops

Wedge holds bolted-together car stop to rail. Stop stands 15 inches above rail.

  • For exposed rail track.
  • Can be used as chock as well as stopping device.
  • Tighten bolts periodically and re-hammer wedge if loosened.
  • Car Stops and Bumping Posts are for use on flat track only at a slow speed (1-3 mph).
  • Car Stops are not equal in stopping capacity to a Bumping Post.
    • Limit use of car stops to lightly travelled side tracks,where one to two cars maximum are being moved.
  • Provide ample space between car stops and object to be protected.
  • Use a signalman to guide locomotive engineer as cars approach stop or post.
    • Repeated impacts will weaken stops and posts.


Model No. 4016-03
Weight (kg / lbs) 49 / 107

NOTE: Car stops are sold in single units but should always be used in pairs.

For Information on How to Use Car Stops, Visit Page 139 of Our Rail Catalogue

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