DOA HD13 Hydraulic Hammer Drill

DOA HD13 Hydraulic Hammer Drill

Hydraulic hammer drill weighing 13kg for concrete and masonry with standard bit attachment SDS MAX (Kango type).

  • Light, compact and power full is ideal in all drilling works where are needed performances, manoeuvrability and safety.
  • The hydraulic functioning is implicitly quite and safe and allow to use tool even completely submerged in water or with the operator inside a trench with “feet in water and mud”, condition rather common but very dangerous and prohibited by low if are used electric tools.
  • HD13 is very robust and it is constantly lubricated by the oil that power it, this gives a long operative life and an unmatched reliability.
  • For these characteristics it is often irreplaceable in maintenance of gas and water utilities lines and in the under water works.


Model No.HD13
Dimension (LxH)18 x 50cm
Tool Bit SizeSDS Max
Ideal Flow20L/Min
Pressure140 Bar
Drill Capacity5-50mm
Ideal Drill Capacity10-32mm
Distance Hole/Wall55mm

Typical Users of the DOA HD13 Hydraulic Hammer Drill

  • Concrete power pole
  • Gas and water companies
  • Mining and works in tunnels or in explosive atmospheres
  • Rescue civil protection
  • Defence military sector
  • Works in critical situations
  • Under water works

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