Aldon 4016 Series Rail Skids

Aldon 4016 Series Rail Skids

Cast-steel rail skids (or “skates”) can be used as wheel chocks or as car-stopping devices for slowly moving freight cars. Replace skids when tongues become deformed. Skid tongue must lie dead flat on the rail to be effective.

  • Skids are also a low-profile chock for idling locomotives.
  • As a Wheel Chock (for flat track only): Place skid on each rail a few feet in front of stopped car.
    • Slowly roll car forward so wheels can mount skids.
    • Apply car brakes. Chock other end of car on flat track.
  • As a Car-Stopper (for flat track only): Place skids on each rail, one skid a few metres away from the other.
    • Let car roll forward at 5-8km/hr maximum speed.
    • Wheels will mount skids and resulting friction of skid under wheel load brings car to a gradual stop.
  • Note that a skid can be knocked off rail; be sure to have a derail installed further down the track, just in case.


Model No. Image Description Rail Size (kg) Service Type* Weight (kg)
4016-09 A light-weight skid, useful as a wheel chock on industrial sidings, and to alert engineer when pushing a string of cars into a dead-end siding 47-60 Industrial Exposed 5.9
4016-10 For light to average weight cars, as car stopper and wheel chock 47-60 Industrial Exposed 8.6
4016-12 For heavy railroad service — particularly for hump yard tracks where trains are being formed. Features deep “pocket” to capture car wheel. High back keeps wheel from jumping over 47+ Railroad or Heavy 19.1

*RAILROAD SERVICE (for use on 47kg or heavier rail) / INDUSTRIAL SERVICE (for exposed rail 47-60kg)

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