Tehma MS250 Hydraulic Cutter

Tehma MS250 Hydraulic Cutter

Light and handy, the MS250 Hydraulic Cutter allows the user to work with precision and speed.

  • Ideal for rescue operations, recycling and building sites, it can cut with ease tubes, metallic cables and nets, rebars and metal rods up to a diameter of 30 mm.
  • The blades are manufactured from a special steel that assures a long life span. Their special shape also ensures that the material doesn’t deteriorate. They are easily replaceable in minutes.
  • The perfect tool for every cut!

Typical Uses

  • Cutting of metal profiles and construction structures (reinforced mesh, steel rebars).
  • Car demolition and metal recycling industry.
  • Scrapping/recycling of electrical cable.
  • Recycling of precious car parts such catalytic converters and mufflers.
  • Vehicle rescue/extrication (road, train, plane accidents).

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