Powercom Riganti IR3105-S Self-Gripping Clamp

Powercom Riganti IR3105-S Self-Gripping Clamp

Made of high tensile alloy steel, hot forged, heat-treated, precision machined and zinc-plated.

  • All Riganti self-gripping clamps comply with European safety standard CE and some are patented designs.

These self gripping clamps or comealong clamps feature interchangeable liners, a complete range of liners are available (see conductor types listed).

  • This means working at lower costs on conductors of different materials and diameters by only changing the liners.

Model NumberIR3105-S
WLL (kn)88.0
Interchangeable LinersYes
Weight (kg)13.5
Suitable For (Material Type)Min (mm)Max (mm)
Al, ACSR & Cu8.035.2
Suspension Conductors Al8.035.2
Steel, Earthwire (mm)¹8.024.0
Anti-Twist Braided Rope (mm)¹8.024.0

¹ Square and round steel wires differ in range, contact us for more information.

Please download catalogue page for more details on the Powercom Riganti IR3105-S Self-Gripping Clamp.

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