Metrinch Impact Socket Sets- Model No. MET-2450, 98413L, MET3000

Metrinch Impact Socket Sets

Metrinch are the only sockets that work on metric (mm), inch (SAE/AF), BSW, BSF/BS and rounded or damaged nuts and bolts. 

  • Metrinch sockets provide a 4 point grip instead of the standard 2 point grip.
Model No.BrandDescription
MET-2450METRINCH (15 Sockets in Plastic Case)Kit, Impact Socket Set, Deep Wall (11-25mm and 7/16-1”) Equivalent to a 42 piece set
98413LT & EKit, Impact Socket Set, Deep Single Hex (11,12,13,14,16,17,18,19,21,22,24,27&30) In Metal Case
MET3000as above (t) sizes included in set (17 Sockets)As above (11-25 + 30 & 36mm)

Please download data sheet for available sets, individual sizes and accessories including square drive adaptors.