Maus F/703 Internal Quick Digital Micrometer

Maus F/703 Internal Quick Digital Micrometer, 3 Contact Points, for Work Requiring Certification

Internal digital micrometer (resolution 0.001 mm) with large LCD display and 3 contact points.

  • Suitable for series testing, as it certifies the work that has been carried out, outputting the measured data report (tube sheet holes and tube interior before and after expansion).
  • The quick activation F/703 model is dust- and splash-resistant and features a high degree of protection (IP65).
  • High-end digital model, featuring a practical gun handle for measuring head activation.
  • A printer (optional) allows to store/print the measured values, providing the certified report of the performed work.
  • Supplied with calibration rings (UKAS certificate), it is suitable for a wide range of measurements (both diameters and depths), thanks to the measuring head extensions (optional).

Offered in 2 sizes:

Model No: F/703-1

  • Diameters ranging between 6.0 and 20 mm (0.236” to 0.787”)
  • Depths of up to 62 mm (2.44”), without extensions.

Model No: F/703-2

  • Diameters ranging between 20.0 and 50 mm (0.787” to 1.968”).
  • Depths of up to 80 mm (3.15”), without extensions.

Supplied With:

  • Case with anti-shock shaped foam padding.
  • Calibration rings.
  • Flat service screwdriver.
  • Multifunction service wrench.

Optional Upon Request:

• Portable printer with RS-232 cables.

Click on the link to download more information on the Maus F/703 Internal Quick Digital Micrometer.