Maus F/26 Self-Centering Grooving Tool

Maus F/26 Self-Centering Grooving Tool (Made in Italy)

Self-centering grooving tool with adjustable B depth and interchangeable HSS-Co blades.

  • The F/26 self-centering grooving tool creates grooves in tube sheet holes (it is also effectively used for trueing existing grooves) up to a standard depth B that can be adjusted to a value ranging between 1 and 12 mm (0.47” to 0.04”).
  • Greater depths, up to 300 mm (11.81”), can be easily reached using the modular stem, spring and bush kits, while retaining the ability to perform the adjustment mentioned above.
  • Equipped with a channel allowing coolant to flow through, like the other drilling tools of theHoletool series, the F/26 is used on radial drills and programmed drilling machines (even with multiple heads).
  • Entirely designed and manufactured by Maus Italia using high quality materials, the F/26 is offered in 7 sizes, to process holes with diameters ranging between 9,75 and 51,50 mm(0.384” to 2.028”).
  • It is equipped with HSS blades, to perform multiple channels/grooves or multiple special processes at the same time.


  • The F/26 self-centering grooving tool is equipped with interchangeable HSS-Co 10% blades, for performing multiple operations.
  • Blades come in 3 different sizes.
  • Maus Italia’s technical staff are at the Customers' disposal to design and produce customised blades for special processes.

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