Izumi REC-Y33M Battery Cable Cutter

Izumi REC-Y33M Battery Cable Cutter

The Izumi REC-Y33M scissor ratchet style battery cable cutter was designed for cutting overhead and underground power cables and conductors.

  • The scissor style makes it easier to access tight cables.
  • The rocker trigger switch is easily activated with one hand so that other hand is always free to align and manoeuvre cutting material.
  • The trigger also include a SAFETY dead-man button to prevent inadvertent operation.
  • Models feature new electronic circuit boards, improved powerful gear reduction magnetic motors with overload protection and lithium-Ion battery capacity indicator.

NOTE: To order complete kits which includes, the tool, two batteries, 230VAC & 12V/24VDC charge leads, charge base and case use “Kit Model No.” (suffix (BB)).

SAFETY: The Rocker Switch includes a safety deadman, this means the tool cannot be inadvertently operated unless depressed at the same time as the rocker switch.

Please download catalogue page for details on the Izumi REC-Y33M Battery Cable Cutter.