Intercable 1722 1 Semiconductor Screen Removal Tool

Intercable FBS 1722 1 Semiconductor Screen Removal Tool (Comes as complete kit: Model No. 1722 0)

For removal of the vulcanised semi-conducting screen up to 1.5mm thick on medium and high voltage cables with thicknesses of insulation in the range 10-52mm.

  • Anodised Aluminium construction provides an extremely light and robust tool
  • Contact surfaces are coated to provide low frictional resistance
  • The change over lever allows activation/deactivation of axial movement
  • Removal of the screen can start or stop at any point required
  • Axial movement in both directions possible
  • The shape of the blade ensures that the end of the screen layer will always be conical
  • Blade of tempered steel
  • Cutting depth using special blade with stripping depth with cone from 0 till 1,5 mm adjustable
  • Cutting depth can be limited or blocked
  • Very small rotation of 220mm OD max.
  • Shaved screen deflected away using the guiding device on the tool

Please download catalogue page for details on the Intercable FBS Model No. 1722 1 Semiconductor Screen Removal Tool.