CBC UNI70C Electric Pipe & Tube Mandrel Bender

CBC UNI70C Electric Pipe & Tube Mandrel Bender

The UNI 70/C (9200600.2) is an accurate and powerful 3-phase bending machine able to bend large diameters as well as thin tubes. 

  • With an optimal and constant bending radii and with very light deformation it is suitable to satisfy every requirement in the sectors operating in:
    • Plumbing
    • Nautical
    • Hydraulic
    • Industrial
    • Implantation

NOTE: Mandrel bending attachments are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6m lengths to suit this machine.

Technical Details

  • Spheroidal cast iron body on a metal base.
  • 3-phase 380V/50 HZ asynchronous, self-braking motor, 2 speeds, 2,3/3,1 KW power.
  • Large range of tooling available - ordered separately
  • Digital electronic unit with display to program and control the required bend angles. Memorises up to 70 bending programs with the possibility to store up to 6 bending angles in sequence in each program.
  • Automatic return to the original starting point.
  • Low voltage electronic panel (24V).
  • 180° maximum bending angle.
  • Equipped with quick counter former support position device and 2 interchangeable outlet shafts.
  • Dimensions: Length 810 mm, Width 400 mm, Height 1100 mm.
  • Weight: 210kg
Standard VersionCode

Electric Digital UNI 70/C 380V/50Hz Supplied with 1 Quick Guide Positioner and 2 Interchangeable Outlet Shafts
in the Standard Equipment.


Bending Capacity

Type of Pipe (Without Mandrel)Ø (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)
Hard & Soft Copper and Annealed Brass Pipes604
Steel Pipes for Electrical Installations602
AISI 304/316 Stainless Steel Pipes603
Hydraulic Steel Tubes ST. 35.4604
Furniture Tubes603
FE Boiler Pipes604
Aluminium Pipes605
Gas Pipes UNI 57452"Standard
Square Pipe50x504
Standard Bending Radii3D & 4D

NOTE: Special Diameters and Bending Radii Available on Request

Please download catalogue page for details on available tooling and accessories to suit this bender.