Aldon 4114 Series Wheel Shovers

Aldon 4114 Series Wheel Shovers

Wheel Shover works with Retractable Derail, to give a sideways shove to wheels to break the forward momentum of the car or locomotive to ensure that swift derailing takes place.

  • The addition of a Shover is recommended for difficult track conditions such as: curved track, sloped track, or track where switching speeds are above normal.
  • WHEEL SHOVER is connected to the Retractable Derail so that when the derail slides onto its rail, the Shover slides against the other rail like a switch point.
  • Derail and Shover retract together to permit clear passage of rolling stock.
  • Standard WHEEL SHOVER is non-insulated.
  • If you need insulation protection, contact us for special pricing.
  • WHEEL SHOVER can be connected to existing Retractable Derail installations.


Model No. Type
4114-13 Two Direction
4114-12 One Direction - Left
4114-14 One Direction - Right

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