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Pump - Electric Hydraulic

Electric hydraulic pumps in our range include low pressure hydraulic pumps (69-170bar / 2,250PSI), high pressure hydraulic pumps (700bar / 10,000PSI) and very or ultra high pressure hydraulic pumps (1,000-2,000bar 14,500-29,000PSI). Most are single-phase 230VAC/50Hz but some larger units are 3 phase (415VAC). Available as single acting, double acting, split flow units capable of split combinations up to 8 way. Manual control or solenoid control valves standard or optional on some units. Electric units almost always feature stepped down pendant control (DC voltage) for safety.

Alternate terminology: Hydraulic Electric Pumps, 230VAC/50Hz 415VAC/50Hz Electric Hydraulic Pumps, Electrically Powered Hydraulic Pumps, Low Pressure Hydraulic Pump.

Riken SMP4B 230V Electric Hydraulic Pump

Ideal for single-acting cylinders and tools.Includes 3-way 3-position manual valve for advance, hold...
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$2,815.00 (ex GST)