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DOA Hydrobox


The DOA HYDROBOX is a compact hydraulic accessory that can be installed on trucks, vans and other working vehicles, transforming them into powerful and economical power sources for hydraulic tools. Made in Italy.
Often trucks have no hydraulics at all or are equipped with a
minimal hydraulic system usable only for powering cranes or
the dumping cylinder or for short operations. Once the HYDROBOX is installed, these trucks become professional activators of
hydraulic accessories capable of powering them for hours even in
hot climates assuring convenient cooling, filtration and providing rational and easy compact package of the components.

Easy to install, compact and powerful, the Hydrobox will transform a truck into a portable power supply for hydraulic tools.

Maximum capacity:
Hydraulic Outlet: 190 Bar (At 38L/Min)
Tank Capacity: 10 litres (or larger as required)

Dimensions: 480 x 300 x 450 mm

Weight: 30kg wet

$1700.00 (ex GST)
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  • Made in Italy.

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