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Hydraulic Capstan Winch

Hydraulic capstan winches are used in the power utility industry mounted to vehicles, trailers or frame for underground cable hauling or overhead conductor stringing. In industry they are primarily used on fishing boats, marine craft, specifically for pot and net haulers and for dock and barge applications. Hydraulic capstan winches are available with a variety of pulling and lifting capacities. Designed and constructed heavy duty for rugged conditions to ensure long term performance. Available in planetary or worm gear options, some winches feature a motor-brake that will help keep loads in place. Capstan winches can also be ordered galvanized.

Alternate terminology: Low Pressure Hydraulic Winches, Hydraulically Powered Capstan Winch, Hydraulic Hauling or Pulling Winch

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Bloom Hydraulic Capstan Winches

Bloom Hydraulic Capstan Winches Series 1000 and 1100V 682kg Capacity on 10:1 Ratio, 33m/min 1,363kg Capacity on 20:1 Ratio, 17m...

  • Made in USA