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Hole Saws & Accessories

Tooling for creating holes in steel, tin, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and plastic. For making holes up to 150mm in diameter. Quality variable pitch hole saws, pilot drills, arbors and step bits. Extra-tough blades and all items made from the highest grade of tool steel to last.

Featured 'Hole Saws & Accessories' Products


Greenlee XT Cobalt Step Bits

Greenlee XT Cobalt Step Bits (Designed and Manufactured in USA) Greenlee XT Cobalt Step Bits are engineered...

  • Engineered with Cobalt HSS material, for maximum life in...
  • Also cuts mild steel, sheet metal, copper, brass, aluminum,...

Greenlee Kwik Stepper Step Bits

Greenlee Kwik Stepper Step Bits (Designed & Manufactured in USA) Unique split-tip design penetrates through steel faster. Resists...

  • Balanced, double-flute construction